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    Slingbox Pro HD found 40 channels cant view all


      Hi all

      I dont get enough signal to view some of the 40 channels found by slingbox. (40 is what we have got here) I cant view 17 of those.

      I think it might be the channels only broadcasting in HD, but I am not sure.


      What do you suggest to do?


      • Could it be the signal from the cable box coming in which might be too weak?


      • Could it be a matter of getting a better type of antenna cable, the cable is from the time where no digital channels were broadcastet her i DK.
        (this cable is + 4 years or more)


      Thanks for all recommandations..


      PS the box is attached to the router which connected to the cable box for TV and Internet.

      The box is connected to the TV in by coax cable.

      The box does not connect to digital box.