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    Looks like 15 frames per second in HQ


      I have the solo and it works very fine on all platforms. I use component with my HD Samsung tuner.

      Nice picture, no problems.


      BUT in HQ it is not 25 fps. Not on my Mac, not on my pc, not on my Ipad.


      When I use the quality "Better" which is just before "Best" there are no problems. It is 25 fps


      Both on local network and outside my house with a good upload speed.



      My friend have the Pro HD and it is working smootly with 25 fps on HQ on my PC, Mac and Ipad.


      So, it is not the upload or my computer that has the problem. It must be the Solo. It looks like it is running out of cpu power at HQ.


      What can I do to get the framerate up ??


      If it is the best it can do, I regret that I did'nt bought the Pro HD