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    Can't get the highest HD resolution


      I'm using the Revue slingplayer over a wireless connection. Over and over I get a message from the player that my bandwidth is high enough to get the highest/best HD resolution asking me if I want to change resolution. Everytime I change the resolution as suggested by the player to the highest setting what comes up is a blank screen and only the sound playing....this happens EVERY TIME the player recommends that I set the highest setting for HD resolution.

      After the blank screen I get out of the player and re-login which resets the resolution to one notch below the best HD resolution which is very watchable and I've sorta given up trying to get the highest HD resolution setting even though the player keeps telling me it's possible.

      What's going on ???

      I'm sure you're going to tell me something like "at the time the player checked" the wireless bandwidth was high enough to support best, then an instant later after resetting the player to the best setting the bandwidth must have reduced... I don't buy it....the player should be smart enough to understand the average bandwidth vs. instanteous to let me know best HD resolution is possible.

      Please explain more fully, thanks

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          callanish Apprentice

          Don't invest too much in the stability of connected devices right now.....they're just a mess on all platforms, so whatever bugs you are experiencing, they're just part of an ongoing frustration with these devices. My slingcatcher always achieves one notch up on video quality settings over the Revue. You must be running a  slingbox pro-hd. Slingbox solo owners can't even get their boxes even running with the Revue right now. Not trying to be the pessimist, but you aren't likely to receive an explainable answer to your problem. At best, Just hope that sling is committed to fixing the bugs with these connected devices......eventually.

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              I am running a Slingbox HD-Pro and don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining as much as I'm looking for an explanation. Considering what's happening to Solo owners I'm lucky that my Revue is working wirelessly connected and I get a nearly HD signal.

              I also own a SingCatcher, the best and most underated and misunderstood piece of Sling h/w ever created. I wish I had bought more of them before Sling discontinued making them. I've saved hundreds using mine as a settop box in my bedroom.