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    SlingPlayer poor quality video in Windows 7



      I recently acquired Slingbox Solo, which seems to be working OK so far. However, I have issue with SlingPlayer, both web and stand alone (v2). The problem seems to be some weird jaggy edges on the video – almost like anti-aliasing is switched off.

      I don't have this issue in any other video; local video files, BBC iPlayer etc. all work OK. I have this issue on my work laptop running Windows 7 64bit with Intel gfx card as well as my home desktop running the same Windows version but with ATI Radeon HD4550 gfx card. Both OS's have Aero switched on.

      I tried a few suggestions on this forum, such as copying files from the web's player into stand alone but it didn't seem to work.

      I should add that my very old Pentium 3 laptop plays SlingPlayer video just fine – smooth and no edges anywhere in either web player or stand alone.

      I tried updating graphics drivers and played about with various settings but nothing seems to work It just looks horrible. I've added the attachment to show you what I mean.

      Any ideas?