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    Slingbox Does Not Stream HD on Many Computers


      For some reason, when I try and watch the Slingbox PRO HD on most of my computers on HD, it fails to play the video stream. It will play the audio stream, and it will only be able to send me ~110-170Kbps. When I switch to VGA, the video stream plays properly, and starts to utilize 2400Kbps+. The internet connection isn't the problem, as there is plenty of bandwidth for this to work in HD, and it has worked for over a year.This happens on most computers, except for 1 GPU on one of my computers which has no problem playing the HD video. The GPU that works is an ATI 5830, and the various GPU's that dont' work are: nVidia 330M, Intel HD 3000, and an AMD HD 4850.


      This is with both the Web and Desktop players, and has only recently started doing this on all of my computers. Before, one desktop that uses both the 5830 and the HD 3000 experienced some error where it would only play on monitors driven by the 5830, and I figured it was just some weird bug with having multiple GPU's. Now I'm getting the problem on computers that don't have multiple GPU's.