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    Sling can't connect on one PC only


      Hi there...consider myself advanced when it comes to my Slingbox and networking in general. I am having trouble connecting to my sling from one particular PC on my home network...all other PCs and my android phone all connect to the slingbox just fine. I am not on the same network as the device, so I'm using internet viewing.

      Some items I've tried:

      As I mentioned, 2 other PCs and an android phone are able to view this sling on the same home network as the malfunctioning device.

      I have tried FF and IE

      I have confirmed that the WMV codecs on my machine function properly

      DHCP, no extra firewalls, no extra DNS suffixes

      From the malfunctioning machine, I am still able to view the status of my box, just not view it.

      Specific message is that it can not connect to my device. Please check to make sure its on, set up for internet viewing, and has no firewall/NAT issues. Also prompts me for my password, which I have also confirmed.


      Win7 Ultimate x64


      Thanks - Dave