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    My Slingbox pro HD die


      the power supply is ok

      but the machine showed no light on.

      It,s within one year of warranty.

      I need RMA number and an adress to mail my machine

      Thanks for your help

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          My product location:

          1424 Murdock Rd.

          Marietta, GA 30062



          I could buy a new Pro-HD and get refund later


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              I am a deaf mute person and no friend to help me call your service agent


              Please help me through Chat or e-mail.


              Just tell me RMA number and adress.


              Thanks for your sincere helpful hand.

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                  shaysfn Novice

                  Hey iberiax,


                  I understand that you are having trouble with your Slingbox PRO-HD and are unable to communicate with us at Slingmedia over the phone.  If you would contact us at chat.slingbox.com, I have gotten permission for the agent that you get to be able to take care of your RMA over the chat as a one time courtesy.


                  Hope this helps.


                  Thank you for using our Answers forum.


                  Sling Moderation Team