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    edit my RC which I learned via the (now offline) remotes site

    nl0pat2 Newbie



      In the past I've learned the RC of my Motorola VIP1963 using the remotes website. Now for some reason Sling decided to take it offline because it was not always working properly. Now I realize that's really true, but nevertheless it worked for me. Without that (buggy) site I never was able to use the box.

      I am really sad they took it offline now for (I guess) 2 months.


      Well, now for my problem. I found out that somehow after pressing channel up a few times my receiver sometimes won't receive anything from the slingbox (I have a green led which flickers red whenever it receives IR signal). I then have to power down and up my Motorola box.

      What I am looking for is a way to retrieve my learned RC from my Slingbox to see if I can edit the (xml?) file manually so hopefully I can fix my issue.


      Besides that I am also looking for a way to properly share this learned RC with another guy which owns the same Motorola box.