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    There was an error connecting to your slingbox. Please try again. Do you want to retry? (Code:W211)


      Hi there experts!


      I have had my Slingbox Pro for a few years now, in the box and uninstalled. What a shame!


      Last night I installed the box. I got Slingbox Pro (the red model.) During the install the firware was updated.


      The Slingbox is installed with Sky HD + using the Scart Connection from the Slingbox to the Sky HD Box. The Sky HD box is connection directly to the HD TV using the SD Device.


      Network - Got a wireless Network Extender to my Sky Broadband modem/router. The Slingbox is wired to the Network Extender.


      After just a few minutes I got it to work. :-) Then after 1-2 minutes I had error W201. Rebooted the Slingbox - then I got error W211 after a few minutes.


      From the error code - I can read it is a possible network connection error. Well - I got a set of Sling Media Extenders that sends the network signals thrugh the power supply. A quick reviwering - one Sling Media box at the Sky Broadband modem/router - the second at the power supply at the TV. Reset the Slingbox Pro - sadly same fault!


      Then alternative number three. Take my laptop and wire it directly to the Slingbox. Still same fault!


      Any advice?