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    Slingbox Pro HD Issues


      Just bought the Slingbox Pro HD yesterday (7/9/2012) and had a friend who owned an earlier version help with setup. Everything worked great at home and was able to have television stations play on my IPAD, was able to access the tv controller to change stations and was able to access recorded shows on my dvr. It was great! Left for vacation immediately afterward and attempted to access my home system through slingbox late last night and got two error messages that have popped up at different times and summarized are as follows:

      1. IPAD not connected to the Internet

      2. Slingbox not connected to the Internet ... need to setup Internet viewing ... Unplug slingbox for 10 seconds ... access slingbox through home system in order to fix/affect/guide router?

      I had a friend drop by my home and she unplugged the modem/router with no difference in results (she did not unplug the slingbox as recommended)


      Have not been able to contact tech support by phone as the website alludes to phone support ... yet am unable to find a number!


      Patrick :>)