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    why will my passwords not work


      I have reset my passwords and still i cannot log in neither my old one nor my new ones will work nor the words given to me

      I seem also unable to find out how i can get free support as I have only just bought the product - the pages on this site just send you around and around

      in circles with no way (it would appear) to be able to get free support.


      You cannot even email make as its a no-rely email that they send you your new passwords

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          jesse.sling Novice

          Hey gezzers, thanks for making us aware of your issue! First thing you would want to do is make sure you are opening up a new window or tab when going to your email to get the verification code. You will need to leave the password reset page open. Also, here is an article on how to get a hold of our support group. Contact Sling Media Support


          Let us know if this resolves the issue!


          Sling Media Forum Moderation Team

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              I am getting the message "invalid password". It is looking for me to enter the password again, but it disn't work.  I get the same message again and no connection.  I agree that there is no apparent support available.  I have had system for about 2 months.  It worked at home and at Starbucks, but now I am traveling and it gets this error.  How do I get this working and why  does it reject my password.  I am not in he same state as the Slingbox Solo and I am using an iPad and a PC.  I couldn't find a telephone number anywhere on the website.  What is the support number?