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    Pro-HD won't boot up


      My Pro-HD unit will no longer boot up.   When you plug the power supply into it the lights flash a few times then all go out.   Doesn't seem to respond to holding the reset button in either.  (The switching power supply adaptor has 5 volts coming out of it, as read with a voltmeter, but I have no way of knowing whether that voltage collapses when it is plugged into the back of the unit proper.)


      Has my unit gone belly up?

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          I just experienced the same issue starting around 2 days ago...


          And now, I see an announcement on Sling forums that said to call them if the power goes out on my PRO-HD and to indicate the make of the power adapter as either:

          1) Ktec

          2) V-Infinity


          Mine is the V-Infinity one, I'm guessing they figured out those were faulty? Is yours a V-Infinity too?


          The system's AC port is hot, so technically, power should be delivered. However, just like you, the lights (power + network) go ON, then both go OFF. Resetting (10 seconds hold) makes a BEEP followed by the horseshoe lights that go at it for couple seconds and then disappear.


          1877GOSLING is closed at the moment (8:21 AM EST) but I will give them a call at 10:00 AM (7:00 AM PST) when they should be open and keep you updated. You should do the same (because I'm actually coordinating with people outside of my country to fix this ><)


          UPDATE (8:26 AM): After reading other forum posts regarding this issue, it turns out the power supply is faulty. And most users have issues with the V-Infinity adapter. It seems like Slingbox will send you a replacement supply, but now I'll have a downtime of a couple months. How can they continue to purchase faulty adapters when they seemed to have realized the problem on Sept 2011? I purchased this and shipped it back to Taiwan just 1.5 months ago.

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              I just got the same issue around 3 days ,  Mine is the V-Infinity one ,no the power light is no  longer on.

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                  Klaus0406 Newbie

                  i called up sling support and they were quickly able to determine what was wrong. in my case, the adapter was fine (vinfinity). they replaced the box and everything is working fine now. you should call sling support.

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                      I just talked to a rep, very friendly gent.  He is sending me a replacement unit.   (Too bad it wasn't just the V-Infinity switching power supply adapter that was bum.   I could probably have scrounged up a replacement 5 volt supply from somewhere.)


                      Thanks to all for your comments.  They were quite helpful.