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    Error code W200?


      I have been having problems with my older SB Pro.  I get an error message that says there is a problem connect to my SB.  Make sure it is connected to the internet. Code W200.  Problem is that occasionally I am able to connect and I know it is always connected to the internet.  Also, when i tell it to try again, it sees my slingbox and asks me to choose it to try again, but always fails and give me the same error code. 


      Any ideas?



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          Hello Pounder1,


          Thank you for reaching out to us on the forum, I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble being able to watch your slingbox. The error code W200 usually means that the slingbox is havivng trouble being able to connect to the network in a remote location or even in the home location. I found this article on our support website that explains it in much more detail and has some troubleshooting steps you can try. I will post the link below for you.


          Understanding Watch on Slingbox.com Error Codes



          Hope this helps,


          The Sling Moderation Team