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    SlingPlayer Win 7 installation problems


      Trying to install SlingPlayer 2.0.4 on Windows 7 Pro machine.  NOT at home where SlingBox is located.  Not offered choice to "update firmware later" - installation simply crashes when it tries to update firmware files.  Locks entire machine.  Had to shut off power to recover - Task Manager unable to come up in "hung" condition.


      When I try to re-run, get message that "SlingPlayer is already installed in a different language" - stating I have to uninstall.  But when I go into Control Panel, SlingPlayer is not listed as an installed application.  Can't find an "unwise.exe" in the Sling Media folder under Program Files.


      So, how can I get SlingPlayer installed on my PC after the Win 7 upgrade?  I will not be located physically in same place as my SlingBox for many months.  HELP!!