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    audio out of sync


      Hello, i am having a problem where after 5mns of watching through the boxee box the video starts stying behind and audio goes out of sync? any solutions please?

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          daugustus5150 Newbie

          Hi nonames222,


          I'm sorry to hear your video and audio are out of sync. Usually when this happens to me, it's relevant to the streaming speed and Internet connection. Here's a link that helps describe how to get the best possible connection for your Watching experience.


          How to optimize Wi-Fi streaming performance in SlingPlayer


          Hope this helps,


          The Slingbox Moderation Team

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              thank you for your response however, i am still having the same problem but it only happens with the boxee box. I use the slingbox website, ipad app, iphone app and the slingbox player and they are all fine. It's only when i use the boxee box that there is a problem....where the video after 5mns of use starts to fall behind the audio, making it unwatchable.   will this be an app error? faulty boxee box??



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              I am having the same problem with boxee box. When watching from PC is fine. Closing the SlingPlayer app and openning it again solves the problem for a while, then problem starts againg and video lagging audio deterioriates more and more as time goes by. All points to the boxee box's SlingPlayer app. Need a fix. Watching like this is getting very annoying.