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    Slingplayer App on Itouch 2nd Gen


      I have a 2nd generation Ipod Touch that has Slingplayer installed on it.  The screen is going bad so I wanted to install the app on another 2nd gen ITouch I have.  But it will not install and now I am reading that it is only supported on 3rd gen and later ITouch.  I really do not like the fact that now the latest version is evidently incompatible with 2nd gen ITouch and yet I still have a version that still works on my 2nd Gen Itouch.  Is there any way I can get a copy installed on my ITouch that will work on 2nd gen devices?  This is really frustrating, I have been a loyal customer of Slingmedia for years and now I feel slighted by this incompatibility of the newer app. At the very least we could have access to both the older and newer versions, there is no reason to take away the older version if it still works.  I have spent a good bit of money on both two Slinboxes as well as apps for Droid and Itouch.