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    ipad airplay on new ipad - screen is shrunken


      Hey Everyone,

      My name is Benjamin and I've been a long time slinger (if thats actually a thing, hah)...ive recently gotten rid of my slingbox pro's and upgraded to pro-hd's in order to use my ipad and the slingplayer ipad app...everything has been running great except for one big problem:


      i have an apple tv too and i like to sirplay content to my apple tv...however, no matter what i do, the content does not fill my tv completly to 16x9...


      it doesnt make sense...my tv is hd, my apple tv is hd, my ipad is hd, my slingbox is hd, my content is hd...why cant the airplay picture be hd?


      also as a added caveat, when i stream from any other app (like airshare or even youtube), it fills the entire screen...what gives slingbox?!?!?!??


      hopefully someone with some technical knowledge can help me out here... thanks