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    SlingCatcher rebooting after connection

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      Hi all,

      I have a SlingCatcher (bought from new, only owner) which I have in an upstairs bedroom receiving content from my SlingBox Pro-HD downstairs.
      It's always been temperamental in that mid way through a connection, or a SlingProjecter 'stream' or a content 'stream' from a Media location it would just reboot.
      However it was once in a few days maybe, and was annoying but reboot was like 30 seconds, and you just reconnect and carry on.


      Today, the device won't stay connected for longer than 3 or 4 minutes.
      It'll stay powered on for however long I need on the Menu screen, no problem at all, but as soon as I connect to my SlingBox, within 180-240 seconds, it reboots, the whole device power cycles.

      I read somewhere someone say the "power supply" might be an issue. I have an all-purpose power supply with multiple connectors that I use for travel, I replaced that power supply for a test - same result - SlingCatcher connects to the SlingBox, within 3-4 minutes, power cycles, and back to the Menu page.

      Again, to note, the device will stay powered while on 'standby' (i.e. on the Menu page) without a problem, it's only once I connect to my SlingBox.


      I have power cycled the SlingCatcher, SlingBox, and my router at home just incase, no dice, problem still occurs.


      Can anyone shed any light for me as this is the primary reason I use the SlingCatcher - and in turn the SlingBox, and both are more-or-less bricks to me if I can't get this solved.




      Thanks in advance