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    Slingbox does not recognize internet


      After using my slingbox it suddenly does not recognize the internet.  I have gone through all the troubleshooting routines and nothing changes.  Any ideas about what can be done to correct this problem?

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          barbaraharwood Newbie

          Hi lindy1335,


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          I am very sorry that you are not able to get the Slingbox recognized by the Internet.  There are two possible solutions to this problem.


          1.  Power cycle the router and the Slingbox. You can do this by following these steps:

          •   unplugging both devices and then, after  30 seconds, plug in only the router.
          • Let the router power up fully. 
          • When the router is fully active, plug in the Slingbox and let that connect to the router.
          • When there are two solid lights on the Slingbox, you will need to go to setup.slingbox.com and  do the configuration. You may also need to reset  the  Slingbox.

          2.  Reset the Slingbox:  Here are a couple of links to assist you with the issue:


          Hope this helps with your issue!


          Have a great day!

          Sling Moderation Team