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    Can't connect


      After many months (out of warranty) of happily using my Slingbox Solo, it suddenly can't connect with my account.  Both the "Watch" and the "Setup" options result in messages that indicate an absence of ability to communicate through the Internet.  Both the Power light and the Internet light on the front of my Slingbox are lit, and all my other Internet activities work fine.  I have already gone through all the powering down and up of Slingbox, router, computer, etc., as well as using the Slingbox reset button.  Here are additional background facts:


      Computer:  Macbook Air

      OS:  Lion

      Browser:  Mozilla Firefox

      ISP:  Comcast Cable

      Router:  Apple


      The problem with the Slingbox has also taken away the sound on the television to which it is connected.  Both other televisions in the house work fine.  In fact, the only sound that comes through the cable box (the DVD player works fine on that TV, so it's not a TV problem) is a tiny sound "bark" each 8 seconds.  The reason that I think you might find that interesting is that it occurs at exactly the same time that the internet light on the Slingbox blinks off...every 8 seconds.  I have connected the television directly to the cable box (eliminating the Slingbox in the middle), and the television works fine, so we know the problem is with the Slingbox itself.  I have had a technician from Comcast here to walk me through all this.


      Can you help?  Thanks.


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          daugustus5150 Newbie

          Hello Bob,


          It sounds like you've had quite the ownership experience with the Slingbox. On the matter of the connection issue, I've found an awesome page the has a bunch of troubleshooting steps on it.


          The Network light on your Slingbox blinks or turns off


          Also, here is some information on which systems can accommodate Slingplayer.


          What browsers and systems are supported by Watch on Slingbox.com?


          Hope this helps,


          The Slingbox Moderation Team

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              Thanks, but I've already been through all these things.  As I mentioned, it was working fine until just a few days ago, so it should not be a problem with compatibility with browsers or OS.


              My post did provide a link on Slingbox with another guy with the same problem a couple years ago, but he was still under warranty.  That link is answers.slignbox.com/message/8833#8833.  I also have the dim connection light that he references.


              I have also been on other forums, outside slingbox, and I see that this is a common problem with your equipment.  Unfortunately, most relate that Slingbox Support did not help.  Are you willing to prove them wrong?


              I have been a real Slingbox fan and talked up your product with my friends.  If you can help me, that will remain the case.  If not, I will do without until Apple brings out Apple TV before deciding what to do.




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                  keith.sling Apprentice

                  Hello Bob,


                  I'm sorry to hear you're having this issue with your Slingbox. Based on the symptoms you've described, its likely that your power supply is malfunctioning. I would recommend replacing the power supply, here is a link to our online store for replacement parts: Buy Now Direct From Sling Media.


                  Hope this helps!



                  The Sling Moderation Team