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      PLEASE have them at SLING tech support to turn back in the SLING CATCHER SERVERS...   This happened last year where people were having problems and all their connections were correct and the problem turned out to be with SLING tech support and someone turned off the servers.   Well there were so many complaints I think DAN from tech support or someone else he worked with turned them back on last year.  Honestly, this is not right for people like myself who purchased these units brand new.   I mean I know they are not available anymore for the last few years or so but, it's just not right to just shut them down and they cannot be used at all for the handful of people /. Probably. Not that many people out these that still have them and purchased them.   All connections are correct and same as last year SLING catcher says (no network !!)  my external device works fine and connects to my internet so I know my sling box is working correctly .. And my internet is fine. Please have them TURN ON THE (SLING CATCHER) Servers for the few of us still out here to enjoy the product we purchased at the store and NOT just leave us in the dark!!   I understand there is no support anymore for this product and maybe that's true but the servers CAN be put back on!!  It was last last year and it just takes a few seconds to do !!   Please send this email to the person who can do this !!   This is not right.  My family is left in the dark because someone decides to shut this off ?  After I spent a few hundred bucks on this at the store a few years ago ?   Thanks u for whatever you can do.  Pass this along!!