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    Setting up new 350 and failed Pro-HD




      My old Pro HD has failed.  The sling logo light is on all the time, the power light appears to be on as well, and the network light is very dim or off.  The lights stay this way anytime it is plugged in with no change regardless of anything I do including pushing and holding the reset button for up to 30 seconds.  This is my second SB to fail.  My old classic failed years ago when none of the IR remote inputs would work so it was great as long as you were happy with whatever channel was on at the time.


      Additionally, I was able to get my hands on a SB350 but i cannot for the life of me figure out how to add another slingbox to my account.  This would be the third SB on my account... is that a problem?  Do I need to delete these old boxes before I can add the 350?  I had hopes to use my old classic as a remote security camera and I was hoping to get my seemingly broken Pro-HD back up and running as well.


      Back to the 350... the online pages say to download the Slingplayer Desktop but the desktop application does not seem to have anywhere to add a new box.  When I try to follow the setup it only seems to be able to connect to wireless using WPS and not old reliable cabled ethernet?


      These forums are my last hope since actual Sling support seems totally non-existent?



      Tom in PA.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          First, your Pro-HD has not failed.  If you had searched the forum before posting you would have found that you have the classic symptoms for a failed power supply.  So all you need is to buy a new power adapter.   And I would recommend buying the official one from Sling as a lot of third-party power supplies are not good enough.


          Next, you can have as many Slingboxes connected as you like, at one stage I had 5 of them.


          For your 350, if you have it all plugged in to the network and the network light is on and you start the latest Desktop Player and tap on the Slingbox Directory the new box should show up, with a Reconfigure button next to it.

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              Thanks for the great suggestions. 


              I did try searching the forums but since this is my first time visiting I was either looking in the wrong place (it is possible I was searching the slingbox support instead of the forums) or using the wrong search terms. 


              While trouble shooting I was hesitant to try the 350 power supply with the Pro-HD (for fear of killing the 'good' power supply) but after your suggestion I checked the two supplies and they appear to be identical so my Pro-HD is now almost back up.  The Pro-HD lights now work as they should and I seem to be able to connect but it does not seem reliable and I have yet to get a remote picture up and running.


              Thanks again and hopefully I can get these things back up and fully running soon.



              TJC in PA