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    SlingCatcher Freezes Frequently.  Sling App Doesn't


      I have a couple of slingCatchers (never on at the same time) at a remote location receiving signals from a slingbox at my home (connected to a TiVo premiere).  All Sling products are hard wired to apple extreme routers.  I have good connecting speeds 1700kps.  Nevertheless, the SlingCatcher frequently freezes and I have to disconnect and reconnect.  The frequency of freezing is variable.  Sometimes rebooting the routers, slingbox, TiVo, slingCatcher helps, but sometimes not.  I have changed the ports on slingbox, replaced the chargers on all Sling products without resolution.


      Surprisingly, if I use the Sling App on my iPad set on HQ, which uses WiFi from the same apple router, and connect the iPad to the same TV, the freezing is dramatically less (even though the iPad is using WiFi and the SlingCatcher is hard wired). 


      Any ideas how to fix the SlingCatchers not to freeze and behave more like the Sling App?  Thanks.