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    Roku 1 and Sling Player not working - Application being installed?

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      I have a Roku 1 that works fine with Sling Player.  I just purchased a second Roku 1 that I want to use with Sling Player.


      When I try to sling to the new Roku, I get an error message that says the application is being installed and once it's installed, I will be able to use it.


      I have tried rebooting the Roku, uninstalling the channel and adding it back in, and re-initialized the Roku and setting it up again...nothing works, still the same error message from the Sling application that the channel is being installed to the Roku.  I can see the Roku in my list, but it has a symbol next to it indicating something isn't quite right.


      I compared the model number and software load on both Rokus, and they are exactly the same.


      I am at a loss on where to go from here?  I don't want to return the Roku, I just want it to work!!


      Thanks for any assistance....