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    Slingplayer for Mac Running MacOS Sierra


      I recently upgraded from an older Mac running El Capitan and using SlingPlayer for the Mac, version 5.0.92 which I have been using with my Sling M1 for almost 2 plus years with no issues. 

      Since upgrading to a new iMac running Sierra I have not been able to use the Slingplayer for Mac at all.


      Symptoms range from not fully launching and displaying a frame of the player inside the App window with no audio or sometimes nothing at all like in the image below.

      I am also running AVAST AntiVirus (Same version as the one running on my older Mac which used Elcapitan).  I have tried to disable web and file scanning to see if this AV was blocking the Slingplayer at all, but doing this does not seem to help.  


      I have also tried the web app plugin for Slingbox with no success aswell.

      Just in case it matters, I have made sure Flash Player is up to date (Nothing seems to work).


      At this point the only thing that does work is iOS app on my iPad which allows me to Airplay my Slingbox to my AppleTV but I would prefer not to be forced to do this at all.


      Lastly, does anyone know if this issue also applies to the M2, If I am being sort of forced to upgrading to the M2 that would also not be appreciated given I have purchased several SlingBoxes over the years and I was hoping to be able to use the M1 for a few more years.