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    Sling Catcher servers down ??

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      What's going on ?    No network once again.  All my connections are fine.  Has anyone reached out to Sling tech dept ?    Here is the problem I am having.     Many others I'm sure as well.   This happened last year and now again at Sling ...  All connections are correct and modem rebooted and all I get is No Network when my Aling Cstcher reboots.   This problem was fixed by someone at Sling Tech dept.   themselves and was not a problem at anyone's home.  This has to be rebooted or turned on over at SlLING...   Please if someone is having the same issue we need to get together and contact the customer service at SLING.     Enough complaints and they will fix the problem.   I don't know why they do this if we purchase these boxes they should just leave us alone and not put restrictions on them.   Ridiculous....    Btw , I am receiving signal from my sling box to my external devices no problem.  The problem is the BLOCK that SLING  puts out to block us Sling catcher owner ..  Unblock please....   We need to each call customer service and eventually they will fix it.