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    Is there any Slingbox support out there?

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      I have a Slingbox 350, which used to work very well but its performance is getting worse as networks and devices are improving.  As numerous people have documented on this site, the Mac Player for Web has made the device basically unusable on the Mac and there seems to be no sign that will ever be fixed.  There are a lot of people having a lot of problems with Slingboxes and there seems to be nobody at Sling interested in fixing anything.


      New Slingboxes are on the market but I'm very hesitant to spend the money unless I know there are development teams at Sling working to support their products. Looking through this forum, I don't see any indication that Sling representatives have been active for quite a while.  When bringing up the home page for the forum, the latest news posts ("WHAT'S NEW: CHECK HERE FOR THE LATEST RELEASE NOTES!") are two and three years old.


      I'd like to see a reply to this message from a Sling representative explaining the current development and support efforts at Sling.  It would be nice to know there's something going on there.