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    Horizontal Line/Pink Tint Directv

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      Hello.  I run a Directv HD DVR through my Slingbox 350 with component cables.  On or about Saturday, July 15th, I noticed my television picture having a horizontal line across it, a slight pink tint in the picture, and some loss of HD resolution.  The line starts about 1/4 the way from the bottom of the screen and slooooowly moves upward until it's gone.  Then the picture is clear for a while...then stutters...then the line and pink tone appear again.  Assuming DTV is messing around with Slingbox again, after checking that all my cables worked, I bypassed my 350 and went directly from DVR into my tv.  Perfect picture...no issues.  Then I went back through the 350...same horizontal line and pink tint.  Any ideas????