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    Please help - leaving the country tomorrow and have spent 8 hours trying to set up Slingbox!


      Hi - I really hope someone can help me, please. I bought a Slingbox yesterday and have spent 8 hours trying to set it up. I am about to declare Happy Independence Day from my new Slingbox because I may throw it out the window or put it in the direct line of fire of a Roman candle...


      First of all, my hardware configuration was all set up properly because I got to where I could view my Uverse content upstairs from downstairs while hardwired to the Ethernet cable coming from the router. I am using a Slinglink connected to that router and then a slinglink on a different floor connected to the Slingbox. I configured the on-screen remote control and could change channels and everything.  It was a little frustrating getting to this point, but I was happy because I thought my set up was successful.


      Then:  6 hours later and more trips up and down the stairs than I can count, I was ready to pull my hair out.


      Next, it said I needed to set up Internet Viewing.  It said it wasn't able to automatically configure it so I needed to manually configure it.  I tried the easy way on the left side of that screen and it didn't work. So, then I went into advanced settings.


      Before doing that, I wrote down all of the information on my router, copied and pasted all of the config info associated with my router that I got by going to the advanced setup landing page for the router, and got all of the network passwords, etc... ready.


      Went through hours of my computer then not seeing my Slingbox.  I adjusted tons of settings and finally got the "Congratulations! We have located your Slingbox" message.  Then it said I needed to update my software.  So, I clicked next, and it kept going to about 16% or 18% and would freeze there forever.  So, I went into the setup options again and tried to grant a peephole (or whatever it's called) to the Slingbox (even though Slingbox conveniently does NOT offer setup instructions for AT&T's latest uVerse router, the 3080 something or other, but since the instructions on a different device were fairly close so I followed them.


      And it helped. A little. Now, the software setup is getting to about 54% and freezing there.  It freezes between 51% and 54% when it says "erasing" on the screen.


      At one point, I finally found something that helped me an hour into struggling with it and I found it by Googling it instead of by Slingbox giving the "try these things" instructions near the error message that I encountered.  It was about resetting the Slingbox (and it said to hold down reset button for 20 seconds instead of everywhere else where it said 5). Anyway, it helped with whatever I was doing but it still doesn't work.  All of my connections are solid.


      My Slingbox has 2 solid red lights on the front of it.


      Both of my Slinglinks have 3 green lights on their front panels.


      My IR whatever cables are positioned properly (I know because I Googled a hardware diagram of my AT&T Uverse router to figure out where the IR lens was because I couldn't see it, even by following the flashlight instructions given by Slingbox).


      This is where I am now.


      Slingbox error.png


      I think I fixed something in the middle (maybe the Slingbox reset button) and now, I am getting to this point and it freezes completely - will not go further than 54% software update (I saw that someone else had this same exact problem by Googling it but couldn't find a fix):


      Slingbox software update gets to here and stops working.JPG



      slingbox status alert edited.jpg


      So, anyway, this has been a completely harrowing experience.  If someone could please help me so that I can enjoy the 4th of July instead of dealing with this awful setup process, I'd really appreciate it.  My mom upgraded to a very expensive uVerse cable system specifically so that I could watch our programming from Europe and I am leaving tomorrow and this is very frustrating. Thank you!


      Seriously? Slingbox has some answers that may help me but I have to have "points" to find out the answer? Wow. I don't even know how to do that. Just need some simple help, Slingbox, please.


      points slingbox.JPG