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    Slingbox M2 video freeze/crash on Roku

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      I am attempting to watch a Slingbox M2 on a Roku3 (both wired Ethernet on the same LAN, both have latest firmware) using an iPad Air. I typically have steady video for several minutes (5 to 10), then the video freezes/crashes on the Roku. Ethernet activity indicates the stream is still active, and the M2 streaming indicator LED is still on.  I can switch back to iPad (it works), and then switch to the Roku, and it works again for several minutes, then freezes again. The video on the iPad or other devices does not freeze. I have attempted this scenario with an iPhone 7 (with latest updates), and multiple Roku 3's with the same results. I recently tried this on a Roku Premiere, and approximately 90% of the time, it also freezes.


      Based on my extensive testing, and monitoring using the * button on the Roku, the freeze/crash appears to correspond to the stream jumping up to the next resolution (640x480 to 960x544, or 960x544 to 1280x720). The gradual increase of bandwidth does not appear to have any impact, only the change in resolution. It appears the Roku 3 devices often struggle with the transition from 640x480 to 960x544, and the Roku Premier seems to struggle transitioning from 960x544 to 1280x720.


      I have an older Slingbox Solo which does not have any difficulty streaming to a Roku.


      All other viewers have a "Quality" setting to limit the resolution and/or bandwidth, but is there a way to limit the quality setting when viewing on on Roku devices? Adjusting the quality setting in the ios app prior to connecting to the Roku does not impact the Roku stream.


      Roku 3

      Version 7.7.0 build 4108-04


      Roku Sling Player app

      Version 1.2 build 17


      IOS app (paid)

      Version 3.8.51


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          In addition to my Slingbox M2, I discovered that streams from Plex to my Roku 3 would occasionally crash. I did a quick search on "Roku 3 version 7.7.0", and discovered quite a few people were having problems with various streaming apps (Plex, Netflix, etc.). Because I had been out of town for a few weeks, and I purchased my M2 around the same time the Roku 7.7.0 was released, I didn't realize there was a new version, nor did I have an opportunity to try the M2 with any other Roku release.


          I found instructions for accessing the "Roku secret settings" screens, and was able to downgrade my Roku 3 to 7.6.0 build 4125-04. After three attempts, the M2 seems to be streaming to my Roku 3 without a problem so far.