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    Trouble while on holiday connecting iPads to sling box


      I have a slingbox pro and use iphone app for ipad 2 and iphone, it works well, but because I bought the new ipad we bought the slingbox solo so both my husband and I could watch independently. We have 2 sky boxes showing tv independantly.

      However while I was on holiday when I tried to conect the ipad to its account it would give me the message that the ipad wouldn't work with the slingbox pro, but it was connecting to the solo? I did relalise that if I conected the ipad2 to the pro and put up the tv guide I seemed to have a better chance to connect the ipad to the solo, but either way when it did make a connection the ipad always connected to the solo, so why the confusion. Up untill then I've hade no problems, why when your far from home do these things happen?? Any advice!

      Apart from this I'd like to say I'm very pleased with my slingboxes the quality and ability to veiw my tv in uk around the world is brilliant  subject to quality of wifi and by changing the veiwing to standard def. has me viewing in otherwise low quality wifi.