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    Pro HD No Power


      My Pro-HD is getting no power whatsoever.  I've tried disconnecting/reconnecting the cables and still no power.


      I've been using it since Sep. 2009, and it's had no problems.  When I used it last time (Jan 2010), it was working fine, but when I checked it today, no power.  Does leaving it plugged in this whole time have something to do with this?  We've had a couple power-outages around here so could that be an issue as well?


      I'm wondering if it's the adapter that went bad, or is it the box that went bad.

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Interush,



          That doesn't sound good.  If you don't have your own tester tool, take the power supply to an Autozone or Radio Shack, any store that's going to have a multimeter handy.


          Here are the Pro HD's PS specs (Solo, SlingCatcher and Pro HD all use the same adapter):


          Pro HD-Solo PS and Polarity Specs.png
          (Click to Enlarge)



          If the power supply is kaput, that's one thing- you can replace it for $20 or less.  If it's working, you might have a failed Slingbox. 




          Either way, your description sounds like a definite hardware failure.  Primary Clue: You should have some sort of LED light activity on power up.




          Wish I had a more optimistic assessment.  Good luck !



          - Az