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    Slingbox Pro ip addr doesn't its ip addr in router


      Help needed!  The ip address in Slingbox network config doesn't match the ip address the has for it.  In the Slingbox network config, the ip address is  The ip address in my Motorola  router has the slingbox listed as  I have reset the Slingbox several times.  Before I reset the Slingbox, the IPs did match.  I reset in the first place, because it took 4 or 5 attempts to connect.  Slingbox does see the network, but is as far as it gets.  After several retries, I get the option to verrify internet viewing.  At that point, plugin for firefox or IE8 would crash.  Any/all suggestions are welcomed.I can access slingbox from laptop with no problem.  I have cleared the cache, temp files, and history from both browsers.