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    Request for BIN file for a Buffalo DVR-W1 for Slingbox Pro (JAPAN)


      I am currently in Japan visiting in laws where I have a slingbox set up. I recently purchased a Buffalo DVR-W1 recorder to replace the Buffalo DVT-400S digital cable box. However (of course) there is no default remote for this in the slingbox. Slingbox does have one that is EXTREMELY close (Buffalo DVR-1) which does work with everything exceptfor one very important button (or set of 3 buttons). That is to be able to switch between terrestrial, BS and CS signals. For some reason there is not even the option to navigate through menu options on the device to switch modes.


      I have a Logitech Harmony One learning remote back at home in the US, and from what I have read it may be possible to use that to scan the IR codes from the remote and build a remote BIN file.  Do I have all the equipment I need to be able to do this or do I need to get a hold of a JP1 compatable learning remote and associated cableing.


      Thank you for your time.