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    Sky Receiver HD1 or Sky + for Sky Deutschland




      i use a german Sky HD1 Receiver and a Sky+ Receiver, does anybody know the code for the remote control ?


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          alanrichey42 Master

          Check out this thread:  https://community.sling.com/thread/3300?tstart=0


          Come back if it doesn't help.



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            Dear Lars,


            I have got the same problems with the same receiver and of course I checked out the thread:




            without any results. So I contacted the telephone hotline in the beginning of 2012 and Wolfgang told me how to use the "beta remote" in order to generate a suitable remote using the link:




            so everything was working excellent. In the attachment you can find me generated remote for your german Sky+ Pace PVR-HD1. It worked with the Remote Controll Manager.


            From time to time I checked whether a better remote is published at the Sling Media homepage by using the setup routine. After running through the setup routine the last time (without finding any suitable remote) I was shocked because Sling Media decided to switch of the remote control manager. So it is impossible for me to reinstall my own generated remote for the Sky+ receiver. You will find the evidence:


            "The Slingbox Remote Control Manager site is unavailable. We're sorry! The Slingbox Remote Control Manager "remote learning" site is currently not available..." because: "the site has not been offering the quality experience that we expect for our customers."


            It is unbelievable but customers who have used the "remotes.slingbox.com" in the past to generate an individual remote can not use their own programming any more. I do not understand why Sling Media decided to switch of remote.slingbox.com because of quality problems when they do not have an alternative. A bad solution seems to be better than no solution. Of course I checked out:





            to overcome the problem. But they do not really support german remote systems.


            The Sky+ Receiver (Pace PVR-HD1) is the "one and only" official HDD satellite receiver which is offered by Sky Germany. I am sure that several hundred thousands of persons are using this receiver in Germany. The problems of the slingbox with german receivers are also discussed in the Amazon marked place. To my mind this might be the reason why the evaluation of the slingbox products on Amazon Germany is decreasing continously.


            I do not really understand the strategy. I am using several slingboxes in my home (slingbox solo and slingbox pro hd) and I am able to use them in my home area network or in the internet. They are running with Humax Icord HD in my home cinema or with Dreambox DM7020 in my bedroom for example. But at the moment it seems to be impossible to control the Sky+ (Pace PVR-HD1).


            I hope that the colleagues will help us to overcome the problem.