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    Slingbox not working again?


      This is the third time this has happened over the past twelve months.  I have been using my slingbox hd with no problems for three or four weeks while visiting in NM again. Then I am unable to connect after repeated attemps to login. Is there a limit to the amount of time we can use this thing? I am on the same computer, same wired router. What has changed? Any help? KJL

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          SoCalSlinger Newbie

          Lots of people are having similar problems (including me). I suspect there's a problem on Sling's end, but the frustrating part is the silence from Sling. If they'd just say "Houston, we have a problem....and we're working on fixing it," then we'd all just wait for the fix. Instead, people are getting frustrated and upset because they think they have a problem when, in fact, it's likely a Slingbox.com problem that a consumer can't fix.