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    Erratic Upload and Buffering

    iwork4911 Newbie

      I have previously had my SlingBox 500 working well until about 2-3 months ago. Lately the stream has become so unreliable, going from a max of 2200 kbps then dropping right down to 400 kbps. I used to be able to get 3500 kbps consistenly and could stream in HD but now it constantly buffers every few seconds and the video degrades.


      Nothing has changed on either the upstream or downstream sides of the equation. No equipment change nor any service speed changes. Both modems and routers have been restarted and re-initialized from the ISP. Nothing has helped.


      Am I missing something?  Are the SlingBox servers just complete **** now that they have sold out to AT&T / DirecTV and aren't supporting the private SlingBox anymore?