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    Can not watch on Slingbox.com.  Apps work fine.




      I seem to be having the same problem as a few other here on the forums.  I am unable to watch my slingbox-pro HD at Slingbox.com from any of my computers.  It was working great for months until this weekend, was always getting 6000 kbps from my slingobox-pro.  I did not change anything.  The old standalone player still works fine and the facebook apps works well also.   When I try to connect to my slingbox-pro through the slingbox.com it completes the connection, but I get no picture or sound and the kbps is very low, around 120 kbps.  The old standalone player works well and gets almost 2000 kbps and the facebook app works even better.  For now I am using the facebook app to watch tv, but I would prefer to use the slingbox.com site.


      Also of note, I was watching my Slingbox-pro from Slingbox.com the moment somthing went wrong.  Tv was great and then I lost picture and sound.  I have not been able to regain slingbox.com functionality since then.


      Thanks in Advance,