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    Poor audio quality on home network.



      I have a slingbox pro hd and am struggling with poor audio quality streaming to my iPad (3rd generation). It sounds very compressed and tinny over my home network. Video is fine and streams hd perfectly (I have 500 mbit home plugs). I have the latest firmware installed.

      Has anyone any suggestions?

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          Ironically, the sound on the SD stream sounds better.  Moreover the same problem doesn't seem to exist on the PC streaming through the slingplayer programme.


          I've tried this on a second generation IPAD as well as the 3rd generation IPAD and get a very "tinny" audio, which sounds heavily compressed.  Alsmost like it's a 32kbps stream.


          Has anyone had this as a similar problem. Is it an IPAD specific problem?


          Are there any fixes?


          Any help would be much appreciated.

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              Lynsey Newbie

              Hi MakeyD,


              I am assuming that this issue has already been resolved but I would like to clarify something. I see where you state that the audio is better when streaming in SQ mode. I am wondering if your audio cables are in the correct place as on the PRO-HD there are 2 inputs for audio cables. If you have your Slingbox connected via component cables then you're going to want to make sure that your audio cables are plugged into the AV source closest to the red, blue and green video source and not the ones closet to the composite cable source.


              If this issue has not been resolved, please check that information. If further assistance is needed please feel free to reply.


              Thank You,

              Sling media Moderation Team