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    I can see 2 SBs, but they're on Local Network ONLY, I cannot connect to them!!!

    pmolson Newbie


      This has been driving me nut!


      I'am at home right  now and I've just re-formatted and re-installed Win7 on my laptop. I've  Installed SlingPlayer and launch it, BUT I cannot connect to  my Boxes!!!, I've tried rebooting the boxes, modem, and router, but to  no avail!!! I've reset the boxes and still nothing!


      What's weird  is that my kid's laptop (winxp) had a slingplayer installed already and  when I've opened it from their I was able to connect to boxes and went  through the setup assistant flawlessly and I was able to setup the 2  boxes and watch TV, but not my laptop!!! Same thing when I try to view  my boxes via web..I just cannot connect!!!


      I forgot to mention that I have opened port 5001 on my router, have  added SB to my firewall exceptions and even disabled it but nothing!  same thing with my AV (NOD32).


      Any suggestions?