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    Scheduled record feature on web viewer


      I just recently got my slingbox and see what I think would be a great product improvement. The reason I got mine was to be able to watch programs recorded on our directtv receiver when we travel in our RV. Only problem is that most campground wifi setups are not lightning fast. I would like the capability to schedule downloads of pre-recorded programs from my home receiver. I thought I had found a solution with Jaksta, but it only records the video stream live. I would like to be able to schedule downloads of programs I have recorded while traveling to my laptop. This way I could take advantage of off ours(low internet use) and watch the programs latter. Jaksta and Directv Nomad provide pieces of this, but no one the complete solution. This is somethng that I would pay for as an added feature and I am sure there are others. That way you could have the programs load onto your device at a slow download rate and watch without pauses or internet speed issues.