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    No Remote Support for AT001-SD (Allied Telesis)




      I am stationed over at Yokota Air Base, Japan.  We have a cable provider on base called Allied Telesis.  It appears they also make their own digital cable box as well.  The model I have (the non-hd one) is the AT001-SD.  I have found no remotes that work with this cable box in the Slingplayer setup aside from the DVB DV1.  The problem is that only the power button, menu button, volume up/down, radio/tv, favorites, and buttons 0-1 and 4-9 work; they are just all mapped to the wrong buttons on the remote.


      The main problem with this semi-functioning remote is that there is no way to channel up/down or move up/down in the channel guide.  Plus I can't enter any channel numbers that have a 2 or a 3 in them.  Plus all of the buttons are mapped to different buttons on the virtual remote as well.


      Is there any way that a new virtual remote can be made for this set top cable box?