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    Sound is echoing slightly

    Morac Newbie

      I've noticed this for a long time now.  When watching my Slingbox HD-Pro on my iPhone 4S or iPad 2, frequently there is an echoing/metallic sound, even when watching locally over WiFi.  It's like the box isn't encoding the audio correctly.


      Any ideas on how to fix this?

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          shaysfn Novice

          Hi Morac:


          I understand that your getting an echoing/metallic sound while watching your Slingbox PRO-HD from you IPhone and IPad.  I'm sure that can be frustrating.  I have an article that will provide you with some basic audio troubleshooting.  Slingbox Audio issues: Basic Troubleshooting .


          Hope this helps.


          Thank you.


          Sling Moderation Team

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            AndyK Newbie

            When are Slingmedia going to fix this issue, it's been reported multiple times and nothing seems to be happening to resolve the issue.


            It's more noticeable when viewing in HQ mode, I'm sure it's a codec issue.

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              I too have exactly the same issue.


              On the iPhone I get the echoing you've described, which for the technically minded sounds a lot like quantisation noise.


              I also get it if I use the standalone app for Mac (which I don't anymore since I discovered the brilliant Fluid that allows you to create a standalone applicaion from a webpage - but I digress).


              I don't get it when using the browser based app.


              I have the Slingbox PRO-HD.


              I've tried several different A/V sources (HD & SD) - this has no effect.


              I still get the effect when my PVR is paused (sending no audio).


              <rant>It's really annoying but I don't suspect that it will get fixed any time soon. Sling have shown over a number of years of woeful support that they don't really care about consumers or end users. They are too focused on trying licence thier technology to manufacturers and avoid getting sued by media owners to even have a few coders improve thier apps.


              The controls on the iPhone app are still dreadful and it has not been updated for 6 months!!! No app is that good. </rant>


              Please Mr polite man who is paid to monitor the forums and placte the users, tell your overlords to refocus some of thier resorces.


              The only reason people still buy Sling is there is no credible alterative.