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    Lost My Remote Control Connection Which Used to Work Fine


      Okay - keep it short. I set my Sling Box last year to the day. It worked fine (stationed in UK with me in the West Indies). I did have a lttle problem when my 'buddie  in UK detached the sling box but he re-attached it and I got a picture straight away. However the remote came up but did not accept any keystrokes. Now I 'think' I went back into 'set up' to see if I could re-set my remote (to SKY) and at this stage it says 'Your Sling box cannot wb located. Please ensure you are getting power .....'


      Clearly it can be located as I am getting a picture! - I saw some correspndence with a chap called Al who seemed to know what he was talking about nad would dearly like to get the sling box working correctly to get at least some of Wimbledon Fortnight.

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          shaysfn Novice

          Hi SkyJockeyMike:


          I understand that your remote on your Slingbox is not working correctly since your "buddie" disconnected the Slingbox.  I wouldn't want to miss Wimbledon either.  It sounds like an easy fix in that your IR blasters are not lined up correctly now.  I have an article Advanced

          IR Blaster or Onscreen Remote Control Troubleshooting that should definitely help you.


          Hope this helps.


          Thank you.


          Sling Moderation Team

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            barbaraharwood Newbie

            Hi SkyJockeyMike,


            Thank you for contacting Slingbox Forum.  I am sorry you are having problems viewing the Slingbox.


            If you are having a message about connecting to the Slingbox then we need first to get connected before we check on the remote issue.


            We will suggest the following steps to try to connect the Slingbox to the  router:


            • Be sure that the Slingbox and the computer are hard wired to the router in  the home network.
            • Power off the router and the Slingbox for 30 seconds.
            • After the 30 seconds, power on only the router until it is fully functional.
            • When it is fully in use, plug in the Slingbox and wait for the 2 solid  lights on it.
            • Then try to connect by going to slingbox.com and click Watch for it to  connect.
            • If this does not work, then reset the Slingbox for 30 seconds, and try the  computer again.


            If this does not work, you may want to try a new power cord due to possibly  the cord not giving enough power to maintain a network function.


            You will want to have your friend go through the setup again. This may also solve your remote usage issue. Go to Setup and see if that works.


            The link to the contact page is: Contact Sling Media Support if you need to get  the contact information for the UK.


            Hope this helps with your issue!


            Have  a great day!

            Sling Moderation Team