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    Pop-up player does not allow for seperate pausing



      I have an Echostar hds 600rs

      The normal slingplayer plug-in allows you to pause the picture, but two important things happen:


      1. the TV is not paused (so the slingplayer and slingbox are no longer showing the exact same moment in time and thus you have some independence between the two viewing platforms
      2. the stream continues, so you can build a buffer on the slingplayer in case playback is stuttered


      In the pop-up player, the "pause" feature is pausing the source (in this case the echostar STB) and thus the 2 benefits listed above do not occur.


      The 1 benefit of the pop-up player not in the main player in fullscreen is the use of the virtual remote, so you cannot change or control anything in fullscreen.


      Have I understood all this correctly?

      Can anything be done to make the 2 players more complete?