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    Slingplayer won't start at all


      I've been using for many years Slinbox and watch
      tv on my PC and Symbian S60 series phones without any
      problems but it's seems that slingplayer for android is
      total waste of money because it won't start at all
      despite the fact that the google store says it's compatible
      with my Telechips LY-F521 (also named Diel Flick 7,Suli MY-t
      SenseV7,GT-Pad) I wonder what is the actual problem with it ?
      I uninstalled and installed slingplayer again but no effect.
      All other applications on my tablet works perfectly.
      More than 60 % memory are still free and available.
      I also wonder that if need I can install all other applications
      to external SD memory but slingplayer does not allow for this
      (Install to external memory button stays grey)
      I'm talking about application slingplayer for mobile phone and
      LY-F521 use Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread.Does anyone have similar
      experiences? Ideas ?  I reported this problem immediately to
      support when I bought this from Google store but after
      two weeks no answer from slingmedia support. It seems that
      they are not interested in.