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    Slingbox Pro HD to WD TV streaming problem


      I purchased both a Slingbox Pro HD and a WD TV Live box.


      The Slingmedia player packaged in the WD TV box does not seem to work correctly.


      First the WD main menu and screens look good


      When I selected Live TV from the menu then select SlingPlayer all load up fine.


      The WD TV unit connects to the Slingbox Pro HD fine. Video comes through excellent either in composite or HDMI


      MY question is regarding the absense of on screen buttons for the Program Guide and Remote


      I read someplace that the yellow button on the remote should bring up the program guide but no luck.


      And I can see how using the Blue button you can eventually bring up the key entry but not really a remote.


      Sad if this is this is correct, that they couldn't just stay with the conventional SlingPlayer interface.


      Likely i'm doing something wrong.