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    Slingbox 120


      First of all is there any support provided by Slingmedia?

      Secondly, i purchased slingbox 120 in India and to my surprise it does not support anything. Not even WD. Why?

      I have to keep my laptop on all the times. Besides it does not support any of the other devices also.


      Thirdly, my internet speed back in my home country is 2Mbps and in the country that i am using is also 2Mbps. Still i am unable to get above 500kbps. Why. Sometimes i do get 1Mbps in my slingplayer but thats only SOMETIMES. Are the slingbox servers heavily loaded at all times? since the video is routed thru slingbox website. Sometimes the speed drops down to 10kbps also that is when the video starts completely freezing and irritating.



      Dear Misters from slingbox 120. If you want your slingbox to work in India then please provide support else no will buy your sling boxes.

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          Oops...i Just realised that its my downloading internet connection thats been creating a fuss....


          Anyways...I'd Say Slingbox is a great piece of equipment. But it would be greater if all updates that are provided for Slingbox pro HD would be provided for all models of slingboxes.


          Guys @ Sling-Media i would really appreciate if i can watch the stuff on WD tv....plz plz plz...provide that update...take 30 $ from me if you want...i dont mind...