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    Connection Light Keeps Blinking


      Ok well i've battled with this for 3 days now and was too stubborn to come here and post BUT I cant figure it out so posting now.


      I have the Motorola sgb6580 and Slingbox Solo that I'm having issues with the Connection light continuously blinking.  I have tried unplug, re plug, disconnect everything,  re connect.  Factory Reset and even went through this site of Slingbox to try open the 5001 port (http://support.slingbox.com/get/network-assistant.html)  the crazy thing is that just up until 1 week ago I had no issues at all and was able to watch the sling no harm at all.


      There was a time that it did stop blinking and I was able to connect for about 5 seconds but would hear a few words, would get a picture for a second and then it would disconnect.


      The are on regular outlets and not on a  power strip as I have even tried that.


      If anyone has any other links they can provide let me know.


      Thanks in advance.