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      hi when I o to view my sling box, instead of the it playing the channel I recieve a blue screem saying "the internal tempature was too high.  The system has been shut down to avoiddamage to the hardware

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          daugustus5150 Newbie

          Hi cbarila,


          I would recommend you give our support line a call at 877-467-5464 and an agent will be able to address the issue with you!


          Can't wait to hear from you,


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              Klaus0406 Newbie

              not sure what set top box/ dvr you have connected your slingbox to. based on what you are saying it seems that the message is being put out by the stb/dvr. the slingbox does not put out that message instead just transmits whatever message it gets from the cable/satellite stb. if you have your tv connected to the stb, you will most likely see the same message.